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  • Processes

    Strategic Intent

    External Analysis
    Internal Analysis
    Creative Strategy development

    Strategic Intent
    What and where do we want to do business? (Vision, Mission) What do we want to achieve? (Objective) What rules do we follow? (Values)

    External Analysis
    What is needed to be the best? How is the best conducting their business? (Key success factors). Is there a common (mis)beliefs on how to achieve results? (Competition factors).

    Internal Analysis
    Hva does it mean to be good? (Unique sales propositions). Are there segments with unmet needs or that disagrees with the competition factors? What are we good and bad at? (Core competencies).

    Creative Strategywork
    What do we need to improve? What should be prioritized first?
    Given the qualities of our business and the how the other businesses are conducting theirs, is it wise to play in a different way? (Positioning statement, Slogan)

    Strategic implementation
    How do we do it? (Strategic and operation plans, Budgets and action plans)

    Strategic monitoring, control and correction
    How do we measure that we are achieving it? (System and procedures, Business cases/project plans)