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  • Creative Strategy making

    Gap analysis and value innovation

    • Deliverable: Strategy Canvas
    • Deliverable: Prioritized lists - Operation effectiveness
    Strategic Prioritization and Positioning
    • Deliverable: Slogan
    • Deliverable: Positioning Statement
    • Deliverable: List of strategic projects and activities
    Strategic Choice and risk analysis
    • Deliverable: Plan with optimal impact given constraints

    Next process:

    Strategic Prioritization and Positioning
    Input: External and internal analysis, Gap analysis.

    1. Find an available position for your profit-centre/product.
    2. Evaluate if this is an attractive position:
    • Does it add significant value to custmers? Compare to the USPs in different segments. if no, restart.
    • Would the price be reasonable to grow the market? if no, restart.
    • Is it possible to reach your profit targets for this profit-centre? Remember to consider learning curves and economy of scale. if no, restart.

    3. Check if the position is within strategic intent and expectations.if no, restart.
    4. Conduct a detailed analysis of the consequence of the strategic position:
    • How does the Value chain look like for someone taking the position?
    • What key success factors must be on place to take the position?
    • What part of your value chain fits/does not fit?
    • Does the position fit with the core competencies?
    • Is it likely that you can actually take this position within reasonable investements?
    • Which activities should be removed, increased, reduced and created?

    5. Define a position statement and slogan.
    6. Send the strategy-proposal to the next process.