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  • Creative Strategy making

    Gap analysis and value innovation

    • Deliverable: Strategy Canvas
    • Deliverable: Prioritized lists - Operation effectiveness
    Strategic Prioritization and Positioning
    • Deliverable: Slogan
    • Deliverable: Positioning Statement
    • Deliverable: List of strategic projects and activities
    Strategic Choice and risk analysis
    • Deliverable: Plan with optimal impact given constraints

    Next process:

    Gap-analyisis and Value innovation
    Input: Market-, Customer- and Competitor analysis and SWOT.

    Process Gap-Analysis:
    The goal is to go from a shopping list to a "priotized lists" of change projects.
    - Find the most important USPs and "public" competition factors.
    - Rank them according to segment size, growth and importance.
    - Find the most important "gaps" from your competitors.
    For these gaps, find the related functions and key success factors.
    Find the impact of key success factors and functions across several profit-centres/products.
    Create strategies/change projects with common objectives, with link to functions/key success factors and USPs.

    Process Value innovation:
    Create a strategy canvas for your nearest competitors. Have a create workshop, where you try to se

    • accross industries. (i.e. "social night out" vs "theater".)
    • across the key segments (of generic strategies).
    • across both customer chain (not the traditional decision makers).
    • across complementary services and products (total costs of ownership)
    • across the competitive orientation of the industry (functional/emotional)
    • across time (create trends)
    This way you can create more bold "blue ocean" strategies.