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  • Internal Analysis

    Corporate Appraisal

    • Deliverable: Core Competencies
    • Deliverable: SWOT analysis
    Customer Analysis
    Market Analysis

    Next process:

    Market Analysis
    Input: Industry and competitor analysis, customer analysis, especially:
    -Financial analysis of market.
    -Non-financial Market and consumer trends.

    Process: Market analysis must be done along several dimensions
    -Identification of special markets of interest.
    -Identification of special new products/businesses of interest.
    -Product/Project Portfolio adjustement.
    -What is products/business should be invested in/divested?


    • What is the market size? What is the projected growth rate?
    • Pr. segment?, Pr. Product line?, Pr. Geographical market?
    • What is the maturity of the market? See Industry Lifecycle
    • CWhich geographical market/customer segment is leading, lagging? Where will the «battle» be fought?
    • What market trends can be predicted? Along: Market preferences (USP), Buyer power (Threat), Preferences for standardization/differentiation? (USP), Adoption of innovastion and risks for disruptive innovation? (Threat)
    • Which class of product are the stars and cash cows? See: BGC Matrix
    Provide a list of «?» product/business for Creative strategy work.