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  • Internal Analysis

    Corporate Appraisal

    • Deliverable: Core Competencies
    • Deliverable: SWOT analysis
    Customer Analysis
    Market Analysis

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    Corporate Appraisal
    Input: Competitor profile, Opportunities/Threats from external analysis.
    Process: The corporate appraisal is formalized in a SWOT analysis. It is a review, often part of a seminar, with senior management who self-assess the companies resources like:
    • Competencies
    • Capabilities
    • Processes
    • Technology

    for all primary and support functions (See Porters value chain) and along the key success factors (KSFs).
    For an appraisal you must compare yourself to your competitors. Study financial ratios and cost structure in relation to competitors for main profit-centers (products). But you must also look beyond the numbers. Compare yourself on the competiton factors to the other players. By "reverse engineering" you will estimate the quality of the functions/key success factors.
    Apprais your own perfomance and risk with regards to your competitor. Identify bottlenecks and decide what this means for your primary and supporting functions.
    Input from The Opportunity and Threat section is provided by the macro analysis and industry analysis.