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  • Creative Strategy making

    Gap analysis and value innovation

    • Deliverable: Strategy Canvas
    • Deliverable: Prioritized lists - Operation effectiveness
    Strategic Prioritization and Positioning
    • Deliverable: Slogan
    • Deliverable: Positioning Statement
    • Deliverable: List of strategic projects and activities
    Strategic Choice and risk analysis
    • Deliverable: Plan with optimal impact given constraints

    Next process:

    Strategic Choice and Risk Analysis
    Input: Activity/Project list from «Strategic prioritization and positioning»
    «?» list of product/business from the market analysis/portfolio analysis

    1. Do cost/benefit and risk analysis of each activity and project
    2. Optimize the impact of the projets/activities
    • With your current capital and capabilities.
    • With regards to timing.
    • With regards to risks.

    3. Create a business case, and get funding for new investments. Once funding is in place, go back to 2) and redefine the plan.
    4. Choose strategy

    Risk: To manage risk, you should have a portfolio-approach:
    - Balancing profit-centres/products with som cash cows, stars and some "?" investment.
    - Balancing the strategy. Some profit-centres/products with traditional strategies and some with "blue ocean".