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    Strategic Intent

    External Analysis
    Internal Analysis
    Creative Strategy development

    Unique Sales Proposition( USP) is a factor that differentiates a product from another. It is the reason why the buyer chooses exactly that product. USPs for your business is something unique about your end product that customers prefer, and that is a result from a core competencies.

    USP is not a competitive advantage, but the result of a competitive advantage and core competencies.

    For well defined markets, the industry is often competing (Competition factors) on the same USPs. But note that it could be other USPs that will create new strategies, i.e. disruptive innovation or Blue ocean strategies.

    USPs must be formulated in a relevant way for customers, and are often closely integrated to the market communications to the enterprise. Your product's / company's main USP should be formulated as the last 2 lines of the positioning statement.

    Porter 's generic strategies formulates 3 generic USPer ; Cost leader, Differentiator or focus on a niche.