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  • Processes

    Strategic Intent

    External Analysis
    Internal Analysis
    Creative Strategy development

    Key Successfactors (KSF): Key success factors are those few things that must go well to ensure success for a manager or an organization, and, therefore, they represent those managerial or enterprise area, that must be given special and continual attention to bring about high performance. KSFs include issues vital to an organization's current operating activities and to its future success.

    A KSFs drives the strategy forward, it makes or breaks the success of the strategy, (hence “Key”). Strategists should ask themselves 'What is it that we do, have or own that creates the reasons for customers choosing us?'. The answer is typically a KSF.

    KSFs are not put in your marketing and is not the same as a competition factor. A competition factor is the result of several KSFs.
    Inbound and Outbound logistics could be key primary processes and hence KSF. A partnership with regards to door-2-door delivery could be a KSF.
    The competition factor, or Unique Selling Point (USP) is the results seen from the market. Fast delivery or 24-hour delivery are USPs/Competition factors.